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Here you will find information and videos about the most common musical instruments in a classical orchestra and its classification as well. It is based on the traditional classification: woodwinds, strings, percussion, electronic instruments.

All this information is part of a project which aim is to build a virtual exhibition of musical instruments. So far we have used photos, books, audios… to learn the musical instruments. However, there is no place where you all these resources can be found. For this reason, we wanted to do an exposition with musical instruments pictures, so that we are not only able to learn theoretical information about them, but also to see them and listen to them. To build this exposition it is necessary to print the pictures and label with QR.

Once we have the pictures printed, in order to see the information we will need a mobile and scan the QR which connects with this website. In this way, everybody with a mobile device will be able access to the information, see the instruments and listen to them with the videos. All these videos have been recorded by several students who have taken part in this project.

This website have been created by the students of the school  «Les Roquetes» in Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona) in collaboration with the students of the IPSI music school  (Barcelona) and the students of the Real Conservatori Professional in Almeria, as well as and some musicians of professional orchestras around Spain.

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